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Mu'urish/Moorish Sovereign Indigenous Seminole Tribal Nation & De Jure Government©      


All Rights Reserved.Copyright©1443 MCY 2022 Al Moroccan/ North-Gate/Northwest Africa/ Amexem


PHONE: 1-469-604-5002

FAX: 214-279-2930

For General Informatio

EMAIL:[email protected]

To go to the MSI Seminole National Republic Trust©




This is not for you. We as a Moorish Nation are Freemen and Freewomen. We practice raising a Nation the will live and thrive for  GENERATIONS to com. If you are   found to have  practice  any of this   as  an  after fact  you will be  dealt with  under  our CREED!  

Statement from the Empress

Thank you for visiting  our Tribal Website .We had designed the website to help you to claim your Nationality  which is the Order of the Day. Our foundation is teaching  from the Prophet Noble Drew Ali  and many others We are a fully functioning De jure Tribal Nation & De Jure Government  under Islamic Creed and Law.Enjoy your Visit . Peace and Love!

Public & Lawful Notice

All Public & Lawful (Legal) Notice's for M. S. I. Seminole Tribal Nation & De'Jure Government will be posted here on our website. Our website is nationwide  & international. 


We are very proud of our Luxury Shoe Line. This shoe was customized with our Tribal Nation history in mind. Made of Leather, Suede and Croc details. This shoe will last a long time with proper care. Enjoy a pair TODAY! Well worth the value! To Purchase send e mail: [email protected]

 We are Happy to Announce !

M.S.I. Seminole National Republic Trust of the The People©2022. The 1st of it's kind. We are here to help Tribal Nations and Societies to uplift fallen Humanity. Building together Humanitarian Communities.

First Republic Registrar Foundation©

This Foundation is truly an  Awesome Foundation. Located in the UK. They have made a difference in many lives for the honorable work that they do for fallen humanity. Check them out at the link above.  

Empress Nzingha-Bluefoot:Dey©

Other Tribal Affiliation 's

If you are here from another Tribal Affiliations and seek Tribal Help with Raising your Nation there are fee's that apply. You must be competent  to be a Tribal Nation Leaders. We are of the O+ & O- Bloodline which is the Autochthonous Bloodline you must present a copy of your Bloodline from the facilities of our choice. If you have a Nationality already you must present proof of the Nationality by Documents signed and sealed by Tribal Leader or A Nationality Card . Word of mouth will not be excepted. We must received documents from the Tribal Leader in order to work  with you. We operation on Love, Truth, Peace , Freedom  & Justice! Anyone coming in without good intentions will be prosecuted by Imperial Superior Tribunal.


The Flag. It represent the people, the Blood, the struggle , the science. We are the people to ancient history and  science. our ancestors left plenty of history for us to know who we are. but, it was stolen, hidden and sold to the high bidders.  here you learn erudite lessons  so that you kow who you are without a doubt.

All rights Reserved  Copyrights ©

hours of operations

10am to 6pm cst  MON-thurs. SUN 12PM -4PM

holy day  friday!

Check the Se​rvice Button for Processing Fee's

Due to the overwhelming amount of  people that has come into the Nation. Our staff will have to put in extra time on processing documents. Whether it's Embassy, Human Rights Division or De'Jure Courts. Supplies are not Free. Because of the processing of documents including Zoom Meeting ,Fee's Mailing, Court Fee's  we have come up with Fee's Schedule . You will  find the Fee Schedule on the  Service page.  l Please hit the Service that you want and pay the fee.  

The Original Unconquered Tribe

You may call, email, or leave us a message.

Contact Us


I want to give a shout out to our Consul General ! Siraji Ra:EL for putting forth good effort to overcome her pain and turn it into her passion for that what we do her at the MEIDA. Thanks GENERAL!

Moorish Sovereign Indigenous Seminole Nation Census

The Moorish Sovereign Indigenous Seminole Nation & De'Jure Goverment Census. Will be a  census of all the Moorish People who does and  does not have there own Nation. You must  do a Background Check if you want to come it to the Nation after June 7, 2021. Again you don't have to be a part of The Moorish Sovereign  Indigenous Seminole Nation & De'Jure Government to be on the Census. The Background Check fee is coming soon!

Great Seal of The Land

This is the GREAT SEAL of the Seminole Nation Allodial Land Title

History in the ma​king

This is a historic moment to have the Great Seal of the Land© This is for all Sovereigns of the Original Bloodlines American National, Aboriginals when are Jus Soli & Jus Sanguinis. M S I Seminole Nation Allodial Title & Real Estate is here.

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M S I  Seminole Nation is a Nation of all ORIGINAL nations of Indigenous Aboriginal Nations coming together to fight for one common cause. That is to "Free our Land and People." We are here to give Erudite​ Lessons for all ages to free the Mental Physical Shackles that still enslave our people. Investing in Holistic Medicine research to replace pharmaceutical poison that has been prescribed to TREAT and not CURE. Clean water. Organic gardens. Teaching Healthy Life styles.  Our work never ends and your contributions go a long way toward the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of the Nation. 

Learn More

                                  The  Blood Type: The Significance  

Being Rh Negative or Rh Positive or Any Blood Type

Carter BloodCare | | 1 May, 2016

In 1937, Karl Landsteiner and Alexander Weiner discovered a new blood type: the rhesus blood type, or Rh factor. The rhesus protein is named for the rhesus monkey, which also carries the gene, and is a protein that lives on the surface of the red blood cells. This protein is also often called the D antigen. When it comes to blood transfusion, anyone who is Rh positive can receive blood from someone who is Rh negative, but those with negative blood types cannot receive from anyone with a positive blood type.

To put it simply, Landsteiner and Weiner discovered that blood types can be either Rh positive or Rh negative, doubling the commonly known blood types from four (A, B, AB, and O), to the eight we know today.

However, when it comes to the Rh blood types, many of us do not fully understand what it means to be positive or negative. In the United States, approximately 85% of the population has an Rh-positive blood type, leaving only 15% with Rh negative. Just as we inherit our blood type “letter” from our parents, we inherit the Rh factor from them as well. Each person has two Rh factors in their genetics, one from each parent. The only way for someone to have a negative blood type is for both parents to have at least one negative factor. For example, if someone’s Rh factors are both positive, it is not possible for his or her child to have a negative blood type. Only people with at least one Rh-negative factors will have a negative blood type, which is why the occurrence of Rh-negative blood is less common than Rh-positive blood.

When Landsteiner and Weiner discovered the Rh protein, they were researching solutions for the cause of a medical mystery that killed dozens of babies each day. This led to the development and FDA-approval of RhoGAM® in 1968. RhoGAM, or Rho(d) Immune Globulin Human, is a sterilized solution made from human blood. It is used to prevent an immune response in mothers who are Rh negative. If a pregnant woman who is Rh negative does not receive RhoGAM, and is carrying an Rh-positive baby, she risks the health of future pregnancies because she has been exposed to the positive blood from her current unborn baby.

Once a woman finds out she is pregnant, her doctor will test her blood to determine her Rh factor. Since more people are Rh positive than Rh negative, it is likely that an Rh-negative mother could be carrying a baby who is Rh positive, creating the risk for hemolytic disease of a newborn (HDN) in future pregnancies, essentially destroying that baby’s red blood cells. If a woman is Rh negative, she will most likely receive a RhoGAM injection.

When a woman receives RhoGAM, it protects her immune system from the exposure to the current baby’s Rh-positive blood. If she does not receive the injection, her body will develop antibodies that could attack the positive red blood cells of babies in subsequent pregnancies, which will cause HDN. HDN can cause serious illnesses, brain damage or even death in a fetus or newborn. Pregnant women typically receive RhoGAM twice during their pregnancy: once at approximately 28 weeks and once within 72 hours of delivery, if in fact, the newborn baby is Rh positive.

Although we have become accustomed to adding a positive or negative description to our blood type, the Rh factor plays a larger role than many of us realize. Knowing your blood type can play a significant role in your life and health.

Moorish American Womb-man

Come One, Come All

Welcome to the One Place We know You Will Always Call Home; and the One People You Can Always Call Family!

As a de jure Moorish Sovereign Indigenous Seminole nation MSI Seminole Nation© is an indigenous tribe comprised of Seminoles who seek to establish a Moorish sovereignty and presence in relations with and, in regards to managing and pursuing its own aims and national agenda in the United States and in different parts of the world. Rooted in the Moorish National Divine Movement founded by Our Holy Prophet, Noble Drew Ali, by and through the teachings of the Moorish Science Temple of America, in particular Branch Temple No. 43. In adherence to our customs, teachings and ways; as Freemen and Freewomen of the Moor Empires of the Imperial Dominions of Amexem, We practice Love, Peace, Truth, Freedom, and Justice.

If you would like to be a part of our tribal nation, please let us know. We invite people from all walks of life, who want to share the same beliefs as we do.

M S I Seminole Nation Allodial Title & Real Estate De'Jure Company is HERE

Allodial Title: Constitutes ownership of real property that is independent of a Superior Landlord. Allodial title is related to the concept of land held" in allodium" land owned and not subject to any rent, service or other tenurial right of a  overlord, acknowledge to a superior. By the Orion Bloodline O + & O- under no Rh factor and  Noble Title.

Fee Simple Defeasible & Determinable: It  is unlimited as to duration, which may result in loss of the property upon the happening of some event in the future. Other words revert back to the Original land owners. This is for ANY Bloodline other then the Original Orion O+ & O-

Our History

Comes as no Surprise! See the Marker


Our Ancestors come from the Original Seminole Tribe. Ruthie Mae-Faye Johnson was the marker for the Johnson Family. Her mother Lucinda Phillips whose parents originated from Alabama and Georgia, the Original Seminole Tribe (the mitochondrial gene), which carried through from Texas to Oklahoma (now the infamous Trail of Tears--when the Colonizing U.S. Army Forces forcibly, by genocide and murder removed, and dispossessed the so-called "Black Indians" from their lands, ancestral homes and commercial holdings, by legal fraud and force of arms)  and father George Johnson moved from Texas to the Seminole Indian Reservation where George Johnson's parents lived. As members of their parents'  Tribe on the Seminole Reservation of a town of Econtuchka which is now a Seminole Indian Terrority Ghost town. There is were Papa " Bluefoot"   Chief, Andrew Bluefoot Johnson came to life.

Memberships / Affiliations

We are the 2nd Royal Dominion "New Amexa" ™© . The Moor Empires of the Imperial Dominions of Amexem™©

Empress, Nzingha-Bluefoot: Dey©

Prince, Suliemah Y'lamae©

Empress Nzingha -Bluefoot : Dey

Prince Suliemah Y'lamae

Mission Statement

Our Mission is the seek the Bloodline of the  Original Hunter . O positive and O negative. As our Ancestors did, all Original Bloodline O are welcome to come join us! 

Nation of  The Ostrich Feathers

Our National Agenda: 2021

Amid turmoil and chaos; as the U.S. economy, political structure and the unity of their society crumbles. The age-old sayings are now starting to ring true. Fraud in the beginning is fraud in the end. Ill-gotten gains never last, and what goes around comes back around again. SO; Bearing in mind that a thief could never show anyone a legitimate receipt for anything he/she stole. We now ask you to join us on this Journey, into the Separate Reality where our claims really and truly are legitimate, and is Superior to all others. As the first-in-line; first-in-time Possessors of these Dominions--Witness the Battle to right these centuries-old injustices which have been perpetrated against our ancestors in violation of their standing and Sovereign Rights as a Noble and Aboriginal Indigenous People. Challenging systematic and ingrained racism, racist regimes cloaked behind the colors, badges and offices of Colonialism, Colonization, Colonial oppression and Alien or Racial Domination being enforced as POLICY in direct contravention to the proper administration of the Law and Justice. All the while circumventing the safeguards put in place to maintain the integrity and public faith in free national government.We now ask you to bare witness to our saga as we take back what is RIGHTFULLY OUR!

Calm, Peacefulness, Serenity  

These are the practices of our Nation. We must began to bring harmony back to our people and or Land.

Taking Care of You

We as Women of the nation. We must take care of ourselves . We take care of the Freemen and Children. Some are Empress's and Queen's the how we battle  sometimes show 's on our face. Treat yourself well, because no one well!. 

All Rights Reserved and Copyright©

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This is where we need to come together for a purpose 

The Moorish Sovereign Indigenous Seminole Nation & De Jure Govern​ment  Military Shield and Superior De Jure Court. We practice as our Ancestors did. Love, Truth, Peace , Freedom & Justice for ALL. We come in Peace to all . We are kind in Nature, Loyal , Genuine . But don't mistake us as  "Soft" . We are "Warriors by Nature" Undeniable.

We offer Peaceful Solutions to all . Are journey as a Tribe has been the  story told over hundreds of years the "Trail of Tears" that my Ancestors walked and Died from Alabama , Georgia, Mississippi, Florida, Arkansas, Texas, to Oklahoma  where my Grandmother and her Parents and her Grandparents lived on Seminole Indian Reservation of a town name Econtuchka, Oklahoma which is now a Seminole Indian Reservation Ghost Town .We adopted the Creeks and all other nations alike that wanted to join into the fight of saving our LAND. Seminole Tribal Nation never signed any Treaties with the United States when the Treaties where signed with the other Nation 1835 we were in the 2nd Seminole War. The 1st American War 1511 was  with the Seminoles with the Fube' Moors in Louisiana . We fought them from the East to the West Coast until they Surrendered tha tis not on the internet but it is found in the American War book. The Seminole Wars of 1817-1818, again 1835-1842 , Last war 1855-1858. They have removed a lot of our History. My Great -Great  Grand Father Andrew "Bluefoot" Johnson was in charge of the Seminoles in the Econtuchka , Oklahoma area where now on the Dawes Roll you will see that there are many George Johnson , Andrew Johnson, Lucinda Johnson, Francis Johnson, Robert Johnson  just to name a few.  We are guided  by the Spirit of our Ancestors and our Creator. We can't go wrong. Spiritual Beings we are keeping our practices alive.

Empress Nzingha-Bluefoot:Dey.


I  have known the Seminole Tribe for many years! They are dedicated to the cause!  I Love this Tribe! happy to be a member.. Michael B.

- Moorish Sovereign Indigenous Seminole nation Customer

Thank you Empress Nzingah and Emperor Him Pet Ra El for your help in getting my daughter,  exempted from a mandatory vaccine by her college. She has been cleared to attend classes. We haven’t had anyone come through for us until we joined MEIDA. Thank you .. Yolande W.

- Moorish Sovereign Indigenous Seminole nation Customer

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- Moorish Sovereign Indigenous Seminole nation Customer

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Moorish Lesson of Northwest Amexem

                The Prince and Moor Science & Time  Travel

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