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Mu'urish/Moorish Sovereign Indigenous Seminole Tribal Nation & De Jure Government©      


All Rights Reserved.Copyright©1443 MCY 2022 Al Moroccan/ North-Gate/Northwest Africa/ Amexem


PHONE: 1-469-604-5002

FAX: 214-279-2930

For General Informatio

EMAIL:[email protected]

United Nation Declaration on the Right of Indigenous Peoples

The  Seminole Sovereign Indigenous People Tribal Nation follow the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. 

These documents explains to  us more of the Colonization that our Indigenous( Indios)  People endured from the Spanish in the Hispaniola in the Indies from April 1502 until his death in October 18, 1526.

These beings are not Natives, nor Indigenous to our land. They came here to seek, kill,  destroy, enslave us Mentally and Physically all  Indigenous  Melanated People of the America's and the Indies still to this very day. Part 2 is below ,


When We, The Free Men & Free Womb-Men, Sons and Daughters of the Sovereign Tribal Nation  of the North-West Amexem (Africa"). Our forefathers who were kid-knapped and enslaved universally from 1492 to 1865 A.D. The descendants of the Original Indigenous Aborigine Mu'ur/Moor Hue-Mans of the First Mu'urish/Moorish Empires and beyond. We the Mu'urish /Moorish Sovereign Indigenous Seminole Tribal Nation where here from the beginning of time.

Affidavit of Publication for M S I Seminole Nation & De jure Government© & Superior Court©


We are (Mu'urish) Moorish Sovereign Indigenous Seminole De Jure Tribal Nation of Texas. For the purpose of assuring tranquility, common well-being, through LOVE, TRUTH, PEACE, FREEDOM & JUSTICE to all. We hereby form and organize a Mu'urish /Moorish Sovereign Indigenous Seminole Tribal De Jure Tribal Council. We  do ordain and establish this Constitution and By-Laws as the Rules.

Moorish American Exist & Know It!

The City of Tyler has long known of our existence. Here is our State Official Sealed Document from the Mayor. Thank You Barbara Bass for sharing our History and giving us this Week of Celebrating!

The Organic Certified Copy of the Treaty of Peace and Friendship 1787

THIS IS TO CERTIFY that the collections of the Library of Congress contain a publication entitled THE PUBLIC STATUES AT LARGE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, volume 8, pages 100 though 105.

Other States That Recognize Mu'urs/Moors are The Indigenous People of NorthWest Amexem